Duracell + Williams Racing

A Drive for Higher Performance.

Competing at the highest level takes an unrelenting drive to push what’s possible. It’s why Duracell is proud to partner with Williams Racing, and to bring our power and performance to theirs.

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Duracell + Williams Racing

One Legacy of Power Joins Another.

Duracell has a rich history of performance and innovation, but we’re always striving to improve. Williams Racing is no different as it pursues a return to the podium. From AA batteries to lithium coins, we’re thrilled to help power the ride.

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Power and Perseverance.

Racecars Don’t Run on Batteries.
But They Can’t Run Without Them.

Behind the scenes, the reliability and power of Duracell’s high-performance batteries helps Williams Racing compete at the highest level. On the track and in the factory, the team uses Duracell batteries in more than twenty critical devices to maximize performance, including temperature probes, micrometers, and digital pressure gauges.

Duracell + Williams Racing

The Same Batteries That Power Their Devices Power Yours

The difference between success and failure in high-performance racing can be as small as 5 cm. That happens to be the length of a Duracell AA battery. Coincidence or not, our batteries power critical devices for Williams Racing on race day. And for you, every day.


FAAst Gets FAAAster.

Explore the ever-evolving technology behind the Williams Racing cars.

360 degree camera
Onboard camera
Air Intake
Rear impact protection structure & safety light

Duracell’s latest technology helps power Williams Racing

Duracell’s latest technology in their Coppertop and Optimum AA & AAA lineups help power Williams Racing. They are the only batteries with PowerBoost ingredients, making them the most advanced Duracell batteries ever. Put the power of Duracell in your devices.

Engineered for More.

More ways to power up

Whether you want to work or play, Duracell batteries are available in a wide variety of types and sizes.

CR 2032 Lithium Coin Battery

Help keep children safe with our child safety features.

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Coppertop Battery

Get dependable, long-lasting Coppertop batteries with POWER BOOST™ Ingredients. These batteries have been engineered to deliver the life you need for your suitable, everyday devices.

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Power 300

Designed for home or outdoor use with 300 watts of backup power for emergency preparedness kits, power outages, home electronics, mobile devices, lighting, speakers, or any small electronics that make your life easier.

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